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I am asked a lot where I find inspiration for my paintings. The answer is, literally everywhere. Driving through the countryside of South and North Carolina as well as Virginia (where my parents lived) I see so many beautiful fields with white houses, barns, or buildings in the distance. The light and shadows of the day on the gorgeous green grass and golden fields just speak to me. Hence all of my paintings with a small white building in the distance.

Sometimes I find inspiration in other artists' work. This isn't a matter of copying. It is an influence. We are all influencing each other in the way we see things. Sometimes with art it is the palette. Sometimes it is the feel or energy of the piece. It can be hard to nail down exactly what you take away at times also.

The geometry of buildings is another draw for me. Angles and colors. The way light effects these. This element can show up in a multitude of ways in my work. Often it is in the composition that shows up.

So there are a few examples of inspiration, but to be honest there are to many to count. I will continue to take note though and may write another post in the future naming more.

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